Gunman lightly wounded in Turkish embassy standoff

08/17/2010 21:18

Palestinian calls reporter to denounce “murderous Jews,” “threatened to blow up building;” Turkish, Israeli diplomats seeking end to standoff; man claimed he worked as Israeli informant.
A Palestinian man barricaded himself inside the Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening, and was said to be armed and lightly wounded. Police told reporters that the man, Nadim Injaz, was known to them from a similar previous attempt when he barricaded himself in the British embassy four years ago.
Channel 2 played what it said was a recording of Injaz telephoning its reporter earlier Tuesday from inside the Turkish Embassy, where he had gone to seek asylum. He said in the call that he had taken two people hostage and threatened to blow up the embassy, claiming he had explosives on his person.
Sounding emotionally unstable, he denounced “the murderous Jews,” the “murderous Abu Mazen (Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas),” and other corrupt Palestinian leaders who he said were stealing money from the Palestinian people, and urged Turkey to save him. Police believe that Injaz is mentally ill and that he was shot in the legs and is not in critical condition, according to an Israel Radio report.
Earlier Tuesday, police confirmed that Injaz removed all his clothes on Yarkon Street at the Turkish embassy after which he was shot by an “unknown individual,” likely a security guard. A large police response converged outside the embassy building and Magen David Adom ambulances were rushed to the area.

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