Costs of Mass Immigration France Islamization


Why have they (the socialist multiculture elite) done this to France?

That’s the question to be answered by future generations, for right now we can only speculate as to why a select group of self deemed elitists embarked upon the destructive road of multiculturalism buttressed by mass immigration of 3rd world Muslims, the majority of which have little to none European standards of education or a desire to live in a liberal democratic state based on western values.
It was the intellectual Ayn Rand (author of Atlas Shrugged) who once said that (and I believe Milton Friedman as well) that “mass immigration to the welfare states of social democracies was suicidal”. In the modern post industrial age, it’s not masses of uneducated immigrants that are needed, but select groups of educated people, who, importantly, also happen to share the same value system. It might well be that France has doomed itself, and the pickle heads who say otherwise, do so while looking through their fingers. KGS
From Alibekov’s blog via Breitbart: “Most Frenchmen think polygamous Africans share their lodgings with their different wives. This is absolutely wrong. The whole point is for each wife to benefit from a certain degree of material autonomy. This, in turn, shows the financial power of the husband. Welfare benefits, of course, pervert this principle, since the husband does not need to work anymore. But the wives still get the money. Let me say this once again: France hands out a city council flat to each wife of a polygamous African living in the country. It is the man, however, who collects the state benefits, of which he gives back a tiny amount to his women.”

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  1. Mrs. Thatcher said it all " Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money". In the US as in many European countries it angers us the working masses who toil at our jobs while these lazy, useless dirtbags live comfortably on the dole,for generations with no worries of where their needs will be provided for. No one should starve , however this entitlement, Liberal, 'Gravy Train' mentality most be stopped. These destructive Leftist politicians that foster the welfare state must be voted out of office.

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