Palestinian serial killer.


They are calling him an Israeli, but not mentioning the fact that he’s an Arab, which means, yes, a Palestinian.

Elias Abed al-Azzam

US: ‘Israeli’ serial killer arrested

Elias Abuelazam, 33, an alleged Israeli citizen suspected of stabbing five men to death and wounding a dozen others in Michigan, Virginia, and Ohio was arrested as he tried to board a plane for Tel Aviv, police said Thursday.
US Customs and Border Protection arrested the man at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday night at the Atlanta airport, as he attempted to board a Delta flight to Israel. Israeli media reported that the suspect is an Israeli citizen.
In a news release, police in Leesburg said the suspect was being held on unrelated charges. Leesburg Police Officer Chris Jones said authorities believe the man could be the suspect and has ties to Leesburg and Flint, Michigan.

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NOTE: The Channel Four TV news report has a video feed, which shows that the man in question is from Ramleh Nazareth, an Arab town in Israel. Goto the 3 minute mark, that’s the point where he (the man being interviewed, Abdullah Farrah) says that the man in question is from an Arab village.

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  1. Of course the MSM would leave out the fact that he was an Arab and a Israeli citizen, the Jew haters in the MSM would rather deal in half truths than give us all of the facts. Slanted news is the norm these days.

  2. Exactly. If not for crazed anti-Israel/anti-Semitism, this kind of reporting would be given the stiff arm.

  3. Notice how the media tries to demonize Israel and omit the fact that the murderer is Arab

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