A note to Lefty drones in the West:
Send us your weak in mind and disturbingly stupid, and
 we shall clothe them in patriarchal garb made from lettuce
Vasarahammer writes the Tundra Tabloids: “Read this. It is quite disturbing to read. A young woman who is most likely a liberal and feminist has become disillusioned to the Western concept of a liberated woman and “reverted” to islam.”
Well after reading her post the TT can only conclude that, Anu Palosaari, is acting like a true Leftist believer who’s reverting back to traditionalist Marxist Leftism (under the guise of Islam), in her rant against the alleged indiscretions of a supposedly devious, and highly morally bankrupt and corrupted capitalist West.
That such a thing is even possible shows the connection between the two ideologies, and why the Marxists take a soft view towards Islam, for it embodies and upholds some of the same “virtues” of the Marxist faith. Lest anyone forget, classic Marxism railed against the break up of the family unit, the supposed uprooting of the female from the classic home to work in the factories along side the men in the supposedly mean capitalist environment.
Marxism at its core, was, and still is, a reactionary ideology and movement, that rose up to resist upstart capitalism in the mid 1800’s, to defend the family unit that the capitalists were supposedly destroying. Early on, Soviet Russia, as did the Hitler socialists, lauded the new role the socialist family played in the rebuilding of their prospective socialist states.
Their argumentation was bogus then as Anu Palosaari’s today, for free market capitalism actaully freed people like no other economic system did or could in the history of mankind. The Marxist socialistsand other “progressives” hated the free marketers for rivaling their (the cultural elite) power base, and used many of the same false argumentations that Palosaari and like ilk use today, in order to “return society to a better age”.
Anu Palosaari: “I would argue that Western countries have lost their own Patriarchate long ago. Western women are free to take sexual excesses.
This has social consequences.
Sexual liberation of women thirty years ago, was an accepted and expected phenomenon – just as the rise of feminism driving for women’s small or non-existent benefits, or certain rights in the West.
But their freedom has its price – feminist society has already fallen in its own absurdity, even though the final thump has not yet been heard. I predict that the “end-time signs” vibrating in the air are also in regards to sexual freedom.”
Palosaari fails to take into consideration just what a “patriarchal society” entails, as well as, ironically, the driving role cultural Marxism has played in the break up of traditional family values. Ever since class warfare was consigned to the ash heap of history, the Leftists have used “”social issues” in its place, to manipulate society, placing one group against the other, as they attempted to bring down the West, regardless of the fact that it went against their own stated values.
That’s the mind of the true believing Leftist, the ends justifies the means, as long as the true goals are kept in sight. Palosaari fails to rail against the Leftism that brought many of these negative phenomenons into being, rather she just blames contemporary society, and most likely, “the capitalist system” as if people are held sway by the “oppressive system” that actually listens to the needs and the wants of society.
People in the West are for the most part, free to think and do as they please without too much hassle, it’s only when they begin to tackle issues such as Islam, mass immigration etc., and other Leftist policies do they find themselves in hot water. For the most part though, women’s issues are for women to decide upon themselves, and that’s what Anu Palosaari should be contemplating on, not Islam and its mythical human rights charter. KGS

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