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Hijab’d bobbies: That’s how we got in,
and look at us now

The same scenario is being played out in the US, where ever Leftists gaggle and hold sway on political power, buffoonery reigns. KGS

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Thousands of illegal immigrants escape deportation because police fear being called racist

Thousands of illegal immigrants are escaping deportation as police fear being accused of racism if they question a suspect’s nationality, according to a Home Office report.
Failure to carry out the proper checks on migrants while they are in police custody is leading to huge amounts remaining in the country rather than being deported.
Police fear asking questions about their nationality because they will be hung out to dry by politically correct regulations.
The Home Office report recommends that more checks on suspects while in custody and a closer relationship with the UK Border Agency is needed to identify illegal immigrants.
A pilot study found that when enhanced checks were applied, more than three times as illegal immigrants were found. The 14 custody suites in England and Wales showed that the number of those identified rose from 73 to 250 during the three-month trial.

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  1. So much for the equal rule of law, this pussyfooting PC crap has got to stop. Every case must be tired and examined on the facts and merits of the evidence. We all know many immigrants both legal and illegal are on the dole ,the UK like the US is almost broke . Why should the taxpayers pay for those who choose to break the law?

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