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This is such a “spot on” article by Peter Hitchens that the Tundra Tabloids almost doesn’t know where to begin. Bayonet minarets, sinister shops sewing black burkas, enforcement of sharia and ignorant British politicians, that’s just for starters. Turkey is headed for the Islamo-crapper, and has been for some time now.
There is no longer any doubt, with the present regime pushing Turkey over the brink, which means far away from Kemal Atturk’s modernized state, the ruse that Islam can be modernized is proven to have been a hoax. “Moderate” Malaysia and Indonesia are busy throwing themselves down the same Islamic hell hole asTurkey.
It behooves the TT that there are still voices out there trying to pimp the “moderate Islam” is the answer meme. Forget it folks, it doesn’t exist, it’s the mythical unicorn, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny all rolled into one. If you’re not convinced, just ask any Christian living in Turkey how many pig farms and slaughter houses are allowed to exist anymore in the “new Turkey”. KGS

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Daily Mail: Among the bayonet-like minarets of ancient Istanbul, an East wind is blowing. It will chill us all… says The Mail On Sunday columnist in the week David Cameron calls for Turkey to join the EU.
Down a glum, dark back alley in Istanbul, I found a sinister sight. In a workshop two stern and bearded men were bent over sheets and patches of very black cloth, their sewing-machines whirring urgently.
I was plainly unwelcome and they objected to the very idea of being photographed. I quickly saw why. They were making dark robes and masks for women to wear. They looked to me as if they longed for the day when every woman in sight was clad in their workmanship.
They knew the women would wear them, because one day, not far off, they would have to. These robes would be, literally, a ‘must-have’ for the women of Turkey.
Those who think of Turkey as a relaxed holiday destination, or as a Westernised Nato member more or less ‘on our side’ need to revise their view.
And that very much includes our Prime Minister, David Cameron, who last week joined in the fashionable chorus urging Turkish membership of the European Union. Mr Cameron plainly hasn’t been properly briefed.
Leave aside the fact that such a step would allow millions of Turks to live and work in Britain, and give us – as EU members – a common border with Syria and Iraq. Mr Cameron really ought to realise that the new Islamist Turkey he so ignorantly praises is much more interested in making friends with Iran than it is in joining the EU. And it is becoming less free and less democratic by the day.
I would say there is a strong chance that we will soon lose Turkey to the Islamic world, much as we lost Iran to the ayatollahs 30 years ago. And there is not much we can do about it – least of all the daft scheme to include this nation in the EU.
Panic-mongering? Well, perhaps. But I would rather monger a bit of panic now than ignore what I saw.

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