The Tundra Tabloids should have known that the Wikileaks website is based in Sweden, since the world of humanitarian racism emanates from that region of Scandinavia, with the Norwegians and Swedes fighting for the bragging rights of who scrapes the bottom of the barrel first.
Wikileak sucks, it’s just another pseudo human rights orientated organization that would rather see outspoken anti-human rights groups be victorious at the expense of the US. The Tundra Tabloids is no friend of Obama and his administration, but they are correct in condemning the wikileaks org for publicizing the documents they were handed, by some lefty bureaucratic analyst trying to get Obama to see the error of his ways.
As Rush Limbaugh noted the other day, Wikileaks only aim is to expose the US to international scrutiny, not the states that actually deserve to be exposed to the light of day, like China, N.Korea, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe and Sudan and the like. No, the Swedes are more interested in causing the US and its allies enough bad light as possible in order to help the Islamonazis and like ilk. That’s the humanitarian racist Scandinavians for you, every time.
But here’s an article that depicts the Wikileakers as pissing on themselves in public, that what they actually have done is to expose the Islamonazis for what they are, unintentionally of course. KGS

Why WikiLeaks Will Fail

In April of this year, the Swedish-based whistleblower website WikiLeaks released classified video of an American helicopter attack in Baghdad in 2007 in which several civilians were killed. Military sources protested that the video was taken out of context, but WikiLeaks’ intent was plain enough: to undermine support for the U.S. military effort in Iraq. Now WikiLeaks is attempting to repeat the ploy for Afghanistan. This week it released over 90,000 secret documents with the goal of casting U.S. military efforts in the country in a negative light.
But just as the earlier video triggered a backlash from the military challenging WikiLeaks’ credibility, the new leaks also may not serve the website’s antiwar agenda. Indeed, some of the documents  — already being hailed in media quarters as the successor to the Pentagon Papers — could backfire on WikiLeaks because they expose the Taliban’s close alliances with Iran, Pakistan and Al-Qaeda and thus bolster a key rationale for the war in Afghanistan – that the U.S. military is fighting terrorists abroad so that we do not have to face them at home.
Documents released this week make nonsense of the antiwar Left’s claim that the Taliban are really nationalists fighting against occupation. They reveal them instead as radical Islamists acting as proxies for foreign elements, including al-Qaeda. The documents also show why U.S. military commanders accuse Iran of supporting the Taliban with arms, including advanced improvised explosive devices, and training. Although the two nearly went to war in 1999 after the Taliban murdered eight Iranian diplomats, they reconciled shortly after the 9/11 attacks. The alliance is tighter and has existed much longer than one would conclude from the recent statements by American and Afghan officials.


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