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The Tundra Tabloids doesn’t deem the chances of a potential law suit by the Muslim Defence League against this US blogger, being very successful. There are just too many hurdles for the Islamic supremacists to leap through in order for it to have any measure of success. But it’s an interesting situation nonetheless, so here it is in part, with a link provided for the full story. KGS
LOGANSWARNING: Apparently the leader of the UK based Muslim Defence League is bit sensitive. It is OK when him and his crew post on their Facebook page about how much they hate Israel, and how the UK will fall to Sharia. But when a non-Muslim brings this to light like I did on this site, “MDL” gets his panties all twisted. This morning the pro-Sharia gang leader of the “MDL”, left the following comment on my site.
[I am on proceeding on suing you. Using my images without permission and also the fact that your using comments from 5 separate posts just to make MDL look bad.. see you in court]

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