Obamanator: Sherrod, I fire thee,
no wait, I rehire thee with apologies

The Tundra Tabloids agrees with Mark Levin, Sherrod is a race baitor, who has the audacity to talk about “greedy conservatives” though she was recently awarded 13 million dollars from a lawsuit against the USDA.
After listening to the rest of the audio recording -from the same event, Shirly Sherrod, was speaking at that Andrew Breitbart published the portion of he was given- I can only conclude, as did Mark Levin, that Sherrod was saying (in an other section of same speech) that white people (conservative Republicans) are racists for opposing Obama’s political policies.
Sherrod is a radical left-wing idealogue who finds no problem in stoking the coals of racism with the hope to label her opponents as “waycists” in order to more easily deligitimize them. So in her warped world view, if you are 100% against Obama’s socialist polices….you’re a racist. Democrat Blacks however, according to Sherrod, by virtue of their being black are not racists at all.

This sounds like the bigoted statement made by the IOC’s sec-gen, Ekmeleddin  Ihsanoglu, who told the TT that no Muslim good or bad, by virtue of their being Muslim, could ever be anti-Semitic. KGS

Shirley Sherrod: 23:59 “I haven’t seen…such mean spirited people (Hmm), as I’ve seen lately (Hmm!) over this issue of health care. (All right) Some of the racism we thought was buried…didn’t it surface. Now we endured 8 years of the Bushes. And we didn’t do the stuff Republicans are doing because you have a black president.” (applause)


WASHINGTON — Flooded with apologies from everywhere, Shirley Sherrod got the biggest “I’m sorry” of all Thursday — from a contrite President Barack Obama, who personally appealed to the ousted worker to come back.

Sherrod, who was forced to resign on Monday because of racial comments she made at an NAACP gathering, was asked by Obama to rejoin the federal government and transform “this misfortune” into a chance to use her life experiences to help people, said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

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