There is no reason why this mosque needs to be built in an area overlooking the sacred ground of the former WTC where 3000 people were brutally murdered by 19 pious Muslims. The whole venture is an assault on American sensibilities and a major head scalp for the mosque supporters who want to show Islam’s superiority in such a place of major significance.
Special thanks to the GAtes of Vienna for running this as well as highlighting the whole farcical scenario, of the Dutch government’s funding of the planned mega mosque. It would appear that this Dutch government wants to bestow on the US the same nightmare its cast upon its own people. It needs to be rejected in no uncertain terms. KGS

Netherlands subsidizes Ground Zero mosque”

The Party for Freedom has filed parliamentary questions in response to an article on the Dutch website “text2|Dagelijkse Standaard}”in which it is reported[1] that the Netherlands co-finances the construction of a mosque a stone’s throw from Ground Zero in New York City with a million U.S. dollars of Dutch taxpayers’ money.

The website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that a subsidy of $ 1,000,000 was awarded to the organization American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA). That organization is, in cooperation with the Islamic organization Cordoba Initiative, responsible for the hundred million U.S. dollar cost of the Islamic Center Mosque, which will be built near Ground Zero.

The PVV demands clarification[2] and calls the already-approved plans for the building of a mosque right next to Ground Zero absurd and an insult to the thousands of relatives of the victims who fell on September 11, 2001.

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The party wants the subsidy to ASMA to be immediately withdrawn.

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