Folks, you are already in tune with the fact that “right-wing” extremism is actually a term used by the ignorant media to describe leftist bigots, nothing more, nothing less. When you look into the ideology of those who belong to such groups being reported on, they are statists, top down authortarians, not concervative, pro-capitalist free market “liberals” (in the classic sense). These idiots are leftist moron bigots, what’s noteworthy is that their activity is minimal. KGS

[Nine people are under investigation as a result of a fight at Helsinki’s Linnanmäki amusement park that led to its early closure during the park’s 60th anniversary celebrations in June.]

Security Police: No Upswing in Extreme Right Activity

Few signs exist of an upswing in extreme right-wing activity in Finland, says the country’s Security Police. However, a slight increase in crimes against foreign-owned property has been observed. Attacks of the type witnessed at last weekend’s annual gay pride march in Helsinki are not on the rise.
The newspaper Helsingin Sanomat on Thursday quoted a senior Security Police(SUPO) official, Kari Harju, as saying those detained in connection with the pepper spray attack on the pride march were linked to extreme right groupings.
Harju has not commented on the newspaper’s claims saying it could harm police investigations.

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3 Responses

  1. Foreign-owned property is often destroyd by rivaling ethnic criminals.

    Harju said, that internet and blogg forums are the place where extreme right meets. So he means us.

    For me that sounds quite laughable and reminds of Red VALPO(State Police before SUPO) under paranoia USSR control after war.

  2. Right you are Kari. Foreign criminals are behind many such crimes as the one just mentioned. The Left however, maintains the propensity for such violence as well, whether they be Marxist or Hitler socialists.

  3. Nice of them to keep up on it. don't they have any foreign crime to tell us about?

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