Forget the Italian reporter’s tingle up her leg and her sweaty palms becuase she’s in the presence of “the one”, what her interview reveals is boilerplate US foreign policy tomfoolery concerning Turkish membership within the EU. The kicker here, is the fact that Obama actually finds a US policy that he can agree with, as well as the fact that, there isn’t a traditionalist Muslim (read= fundamentalist) Obama doesn’t like. KGS

Obamination: “The fact that it is both a democracy and a country with a Muslim majority makes it a critically important model for other Muslim countries in the region. For these reasons, we believe it is important to cultivate strong relations with Ankara. And it is also why, even though we are not members of the EU, we have always expressed the opinion that it would be wise to accept Turkey into the Union. I realise that this raises strong feelings in Europe, nor do I think that Europe’s slow pace or reluctance is the only or the principal factor behind some of the changes we have observed recently in Turkey’s orientation. In my view, what we are seeing is democratic confrontation inside Turkey.”

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