Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands Costs of Mass Immigration


Ahhhhh, the glory of socialist multiculturalism driven by mindless mass immigration. The stark reality of clash of cultures is all the more clear once one gets his or her hands on the actual data free from the elitists’ manipulation. KGS

Telegraf: LONDON – More than half of the Moroccan boys by his 22nd birthday has committed at least one crime. This research,  published on Friday in the Journal of Criminology shows that. It is about 54 percent of boys and men in 1984 that were born in the Netherlands from at least one Moroccan parent. Of the Dutch men in that age group they committed 20.3 percent by their 23th birthday of one or more crimes.

This comes by way of the Bad News From the Netherlands blog:

Than Half of Moroccan Young Males Have Police File

More than half of Moroccan young males between the ages of 12 and 22 have police files. One third of these are registered five or more times in the police’s HKS system. For young male immigrants from Surinam the figure is 43% and for young Turks it is 41%.
The average for Dutch males of the same age group is 23%. In addition 5% of all Dutch girls of that age group have a police file. For girls from Surinam it is 17 % and for Moroccan girls it is slightly under that figure. This research was based on those born in 1984 and was published in the Tijdschrift voor Criminologie (Journal of Criminology).

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  1. Why on earth are they still allowed to be in Europe at all?

    If we deport them finally after second crime, the the rest of then maybe start thinking what's allowed here?

    Islam – The Official Religion of Hate

  2. Imagine them when they are middle-aged. They will be TOTALLY SCREWDD and USELESS. They are doomed.

    We have to weather the storm until then.

    Their women will run for the hills; the men will be left behind …to rot.

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