The Sweden Israel and the Jews blog highlights today the hypocritical Swedes’ refusal to address any concern for the human rights of Gilad Schalit, the Israeli IDF soldier kept in inhumane conditions that violate every facet of international law. The fact is, these Swedish (Norwegian too) activists could care less about human rights, they are only involved to secure “rights” to homicidal maniacs. KGS

SIJ: Last Friday marked the fourth anniversary of the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit by Hamas armed forces on June 25th, 2006. Since his kidnapping from inside Israel by the Palestinian terrorist group, Gilad has been imprisoned below ground.
Throughout his captivity he has not been allowed a single visit by any international human rights organizations in order to assure that he is in reasonable condition or even alive. Refusing political prisoners or prisoners of war these visits is a clear violation of international law. Hamas does not care about compliance with international law, and neither do the many hypocritical Swedes who choose to support Hamas—an extremist terror organization which respects neither international law nor human rights. Hamas tortures and executes fellow Palestinians, and aims to commit genocide against Jews both inside and outside of Israel.
In response to the Ship to Gaza incident, Sweden has chosen to take a strong stance against Israel. This can be seen in a variety of ways—right now it’s the “non- political” Swedish Dockworkers Union boycott against Israel. The dockworkers show their support for the Palestinians by supporting Hamas–the same Hamas which flaunts international law by holding Israeli soldier Schalit prisoner and denying him Red Cross visits. (You may also recall that the “humanitarian” Ship to Gaza mission refused to take a small package for Schalit along with the tons of aid for Gaza residents.)
Sweden’s strong support for the “Palestinian cause” in the form of Hamas is often based on what the Swede’s call “humanitarian” arguments. It is common in the Swedish media to find discussions demonizing Israel as a state which (according to them) fails to uphold international human rights. This, even though Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East and the closest one can get to the Swedish ideal rule of law in the region. Palestinian prisoners in Israel have visitors and even the opportunity to earn academic degrees in jail. What is never talked about in the Swedish media is terror group Hamas’ human rights abuses, including the current imprisonment of Schalit.

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