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Well this one is interesting, and if true, it shows that the Saudis fear and hate Iran more than the Jewish state. KGS

Reports: IAF Landed at Saudi Base, US Troops near Iran Border

The Israeli Air Force recently unloaded military equipment at a Saudi Arabia base, a semi-official Iranian news agency claimed Wednesday, while a large American force has massed in Azerbaijan, which is on the northwest border of Iran.
Both reports follow by less than a week the Pentagon’s confirmation that an unusually large American fleet sailed through the Suez Canal Saturday. Several reports stated that an Israeli ship joined the armada.
The Pentagon played down the news, saying the American maneuvers were routine. However, a report by Iran on Wednesday that it has enriched dozens of pounds of 17 per cent enriched uranium serves as a reminder that time is running out to stop Iran from being able to produce a nuclear weapon.
Iran’s Fars News Agency said the Israeli military aircraft landed 10 days ago at the Saudi base near the city of Tabuk, located in northwest Saudi Arabia, one of the closest areas in the oil kingdom to Iran.
Fars said that the Tabuk base will be the central station for an Israeli attack on Iran. It quoted an Islamic news site that a commercial airline passenger said the airport in Tabuk was closed to all other traffic during the alleged Israeli landings. The passenger said that “no reasonable explanation” was given for shutting down the airport and those passengers were compensated financially and booked in four-star hotels.
“The relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel have become the talk of the town,” the passenger added. The chief authority in Tabuk, Prince Fahd ben Sultan, was reported be coordinating the cooperation with Israel.

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  1. Now is not the time to start placing credibility in Iranian news reports.

    American troops in Azerbaijan would cause more than just a little stir. First there's Georgia next door and Russian sensitivities. Then there's Armenia next door and their iddy biddy feelings. Then there's Azerbaijan's good friend, Turkey and you know how much love they've been showing the US and Israel lately.

    The claim that an American force "massed" in Azerbaijan without anyone else but the Iranians noticing is difficult to believe. Not that it's impossible, but it would be a very difficult thing to do without a lot of other people noticing and shrieking about it.

  2. Well this one is interesting, and if true, it shows that the Saudis fear and hate Iran more than the Jewish state.

    If true, all it indicates is that the Saudis are using Israel to attack on of their enemies. Saudis have always used others, Christians(Westerners) for instance, to do their dirty work. It does not meanb anything.

    But the Saudis undying hatred of Israel and the Jews will never die because Muhammed said so.

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