Galloway and his thick skulled fellow travellers on the radical Left would be the first to feel the blade once the Muslims achieved their Islamic state, but that doesn’t worry them. They are all united against Israel, capitalism and western culture and its core value system, and the Left thinks it can indeed control the Muslims once their alliance proves victorious over their enemies. They are all dopes and stooges, they would be slaughtered like sheep but that matters little to them now, there’s capitalism and Israel to oppose as well as the EDL. KGS

From the comments: Dallas 998:  “To all useful idiots and muslim apologists in the West and any Western non-muslim who romanticizes the tyrannical systems of Islamic countries – you have no idea what you are supporting. Islamism and Sharia are not compatible with the legal, social and moral value systems of the West and the free world. I would suggest that if you would prefer to live under Shari’a law, you have about 55 countries who would probably accept you as a fourth-class citizen. Galloway can lead the way for you.”

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