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UPDATE: video of clash available here.

The Muslim protesters shouted ‘murderers’ as troops from the Royal Anglian Regiment paraded through Barking

A group of extremist Muslims prompted violent clashes at a homecoming parade for British troops today after they heckled soldiers and called them ‘murderers.’
Members of the Muslim Against the Crusade group clashed with far right protesters as they shouted ‘murderers, murderers, murderers’ and ‘British troops go to hell’ as members of the 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment paraded down the streets of Barking, Essex.
The chants were drowned out by a large mob on the opposite side of the street who retaliated with jeers of ‘Traitors’ to the Muslim protesters.
The Muslim protesters shouted ‘murderers’ as troops from the Royal Anglian Regiment paraded through Barking
The hour-long parade had been delayed due to growing tensions between the two sides, with anti-Mac protestors singing God Save the Queen and drinkers at a nearby pub hurling frozen pork sausages at the Muslims.
Moments after the soldiers passed through tensions reached boiling point and the anti-Mac campaigners broke through the barricades, charged across the road and traded punches with the Muslim throng.
Police quickly separated the mob, with one man wrestled to the ground, handcuffed and led away while the police made a ring surrounding the Muslim group.

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  1. Well, it's encouraging to see the crowd calling these insane Muslim protesters "traitors". However, the report in the London Evening Post (which happened to have been written by a Muslim journalist) wasn't sympathetic to the counter-demonstrators, terming them (can you guess yet) "far-right". For an overview of what was in that piece and some video footage of the demonstrators, visit

  2. Thanks, I posted a new report with your post linked. Much appreciated and a well done report by you.


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