Filip De Winter: The Vlaams Belang has long been
on the front lines fighting for its independence

For the sake of its own identity and sanity, the Flems better vote yes in majority numbers on the breakup of the fake construct of Belgium. The socialists have for years used mass immigration of mostly Muslims immigrants, to try and tip the scales in their favor in keeping the country together artificially, in order to continue sucking on the Flemish teat that feeds the whole ludicrous enterprise.
Add to that the pressure of the entire EU juggernaut wanting to keep Belgium as an unhappy, divided state, in order to promote its anti-nationalist agenda for the rest of its member states, and you’ll get the picture of what the Flems, most noticeably the Vlaams Belang, have been up against over the past few decades.
The EU is a fake construct built upon the fake construct of Belgium, the latter has served as a role model for the former in how to create a fake political entity void of any affection by the majority of the people for the state in which they live and call home. This insane loathing of nationalism, a love for one’s own country and ethnicity and identity, is what forms the basis of EU policy towards the entire project.
The misguided notion of nationalism being something evil, has been the cornerstone of Brussels drive to forcibly re-engineer society according to its own socialist design of how things shall be. This utopian enterprise is part of the reason for the opening of the flood gates to mass immigration of millions of Muslim immigrants into Europe.
The Vlaams Belang has been at the forefront of the movement to stem this tide of uncontrollable immigration of Muslims into their own cities, and have been badly maligned for their efforts as being racists. The socialists, both Walloon and Flemish, and the entire bureaucracy of the EU, have wielded an immense political campaign (read = club) against this group of free market, normal immigration friendly, small government patriots.
It’s only through the enormous propaganda machine funded by the EU tax payer, and disseminated by the European socialist run mass media, that the Vlaams Belang has been successfully badly misrepresented and maligned. If treated properly, they would be known as patriots, but instead they’re looked upon as fascists, while its the EU itself that fosters fake capitalism and racial, identity driven politics.
Time for the EU to get a major slap in the face and a first major blow against Islamization of Europe, as hopefully, the center of Europe, Brussels, becomes a free town once again as the Flems take control over it and over the mass immigration and Islamization of their country. KGS

Belgians vote on future, united country in doubt

BRUSSELS (AP) – Belgians vote Sunday in a general election that has become a vote on an orderly breakup of this country where 6.5 million Dutch- and 4 million French-speakers are locked in a quarrelsome union.
Polls predicted a solid showing for a mainstream Flemish party whose leader wants Dutch-speaking Flanders to sever its unhappy ties with Francophone Wallonia and, in time, join the European Union as a separate country.
This is a nightmare scenario for poorer Wallonia which greatly depends on Flemish funds and shows how linguistic disputes dominate national politics.
Voting is mandatory in Belgium. Some 7.7 million voters are to cast ballots at 10,630 voting stations.
Elections were called one year early after Premier Yves Leterme’s five-party coalition fell apart April 26 in a dispute over a bilingual voting district.
That spat has gone unresolved since 2003 and pushed the New Flemish Alliance—a tiny, centrist party only a few years ago—into pole position: it is forecast to win a quarter of the vote in Flanders.
Its leader—and perhaps Belgium’s next premier—Bart de Wever, 39, wants an orderly breakup of Belgium by shifting the national government’s last remaining powers, notably justice, health and social security, to Flanders and Wallonia. That would complete 30 years of ever greater self-rule for the two regions.
The new Flemish alliance wants Flanders to join the EU. There are no comparable separatist sentiments in Wallonia.
Finance Minister Didier Reynders, a Francophone Liberal, says the question facing Belgians is: “Do we still want to live together?”

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