Gaza Flotilla US/Israeli Relations


THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that senior Obama administration officials have been telling foreign governments that the administration intends to support an effort next week at the United Nations to set up an independent commission, under UN auspices, to investigate Israel’s behavior in the Gaza flotilla incident.

Obama: “Don’t worry about the Hamas right now,
sticking it to Israel serves all our purposes.
There are those who the Tundra Tabloids knows personally, who have been clearly on board with the idea of an independent investigation of the Mavi Marmara incident. They were wrong to insist that such an investigation -especially in light of the disgusting Goldstone Report- could be good for Israel, as well as being wrong that it would be limited to being led by Israel.
The Tundra Tabloids has been saying almost from the beginning that they are looking in the wrong direction, the focus should be on Turkey, on the role its government played in causing this provocation against the Jewish state. It really was an act of war, though no one is going to be calling it that, including the Israelis.
So here we have it, now Zero is throwing his insignificant weight behind the terrorists, radical fundamentalist Muslims leaders and dictators who fund them. They are all Hamas now, with the international community cheering and baying for Israeli blood. Obama is a huge disgrace, a sniveling empty suit of a man, and the worst president the US has ever had in its entire history. KGS

The White House has apparently shrugged off concerns from elsewhere in the U.S. government that a) this is an extraordinary singling out of Israel, since all kinds of much worse incidents happen around the world without spurring UN investigations; b) that the investigation will be one-sided, focusing entirely on Israeli behavior and not on Turkey or on Hamas; and c) that this sets a terrible precedent for outside investigations of incidents involving U.S. troops or intelligence operatives as we conduct our own war on terror.
While UN Ambassador Susan Rice is reported to have played an important role in pushing for U.S. support of a UN investigation, the decision is, one official stressed, of course the president’s. The government of Israel has been consulting with the U.S. government on its own Israeli investigative panel, to be led by a retired supreme court justice, that would include respected international participants, including one from the U.S. But the Obama administration is reportedly saying that such a “kosher panel” is not good enough to satisfy the international community, or the Obama White House.

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  1. Israel must do what it must for its security. UN commissions come and go, but if Israel starts to compromise its national security for good press then it is digging its own grave which is exactly what the Jew haters in the US and other countries want.

  2. I agree Arius, there can't be any negotiating on its own security, the Israelis should have been demanding an enquiry of Turkey's role in all of this. But the moments been lost.

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