The Tundra Tabloids was away on a road trip over the past two days, to the Finnish nation’s capital to cover the rally of supporters converging on the city yesterday. It was a beautiful day for those marching in solidarity of the Jewish state, who were there to remind Finnish society of the overtly biased reporting and demonization of Israel that recently took place in the media over the “Flotilla of the Huns” attempt to violate the weapons blockade placed on Gaza.

The rally was of course peaceful, friendly and to the point, and there weren’t any disturbances other than a Finnish convert to Islam shouting allah akbar in the very center of town.

I believe this guy is/was one of Abdullah Tammi’s fellow fundamentalist buddies, a small band of Finns who converted to Islam who want to turn Finland into an Islamic state. Soon after this picture was taken he rode off on his bike, that to the TT’s surprise, didn’t have any training wheels attached.

This Egyptian couldn’t get over the fact that, according to a U.N. report, the people in Gaza are obsese. And he also found it difficult to defend his rehtoric against Israel, that people in Gaza are lacking supplies, after being reminded that, both Israel and Egypt have a weapons blockade on Gaza, and that Israel allows all the basic neccessties into Gaza. No people are starving or lacking medicine. He then blames their obecity on Israel.
Then there was this guy, a Somali who was at the time the TT came on to the scene, was busy labeling Israelis as murders to the officer on his left.
The Tundra Tabloids then asked the guy whether he has something against Jews, he said: “Yeah, you killed my f*cking prophet”. Shocker, no peace be upon him from this guy, who is apparently a secular Muslim, but nonetheless, has it in for Jews.
He complains that I’m filming him, demands that I be given a ticket then comes over to threaten me with some of his bodily fluids. It’s another fine example of the “religion of peace” in action, though most likely not a strict follower, he still has enough violent thoughts towards Jews from his early days of influence in the mosques.
The police officer then steps in and says, “Ok gentlemen, lets keep it friendly”.
He then positions himself in between us and the Somali backs away, he mutters something in Somali or Arabic and I walk away. After that it was a short walk to the rallying place in a square just south of Esplanadi street, where over 2000 people gathered to listen to a few speakers. The Israeli Ambassador, Avi Granot was there, having participated in the march, and thanked the Tundra Tabloids for doing the filming and interviews along the way.
It was a good day for Israel in Finland
NOTE: There will be video available as soon as the TT gets it all readied and Vlad adds his special touch.

NOTE: Here a link to the videos taken at the Rally

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