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Europe is such a hypocrit, this time it’s the Germans and the Finns. Really disgusting to see the Finnish mobile phone giant lending a helping hand to the Iranian regime brutally crack down on Iranian prostesters. I wonder if a boycott of Finnish Nokia is in order? KGS
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Nokia-Siemens Networks on Wednesday (2 June) admitted its share of the blame for Iran’s brutal crack-down on anti-government demonstrators last year after selling mobile phone surveillance to the authoritarian regime.
“We absolutely do find ourselves in a tricky situation and need the help of people in this room to help us navigate in these challenging times,” Barry French, head of marketing and corporate affairs with Nokia-Siemens Networks, told MEPs during a hearing on human rights and new information technologies.
The Finnish-German telecoms joint venture was at the centre of an ethics controversy last year when it emerged that it had supplied surveillance technology to two Iranian mobile phone operators. The technology was used to track down dissidents amid the mass protests following the contested re-election of President Mahmud Ahmadinejad in June 2009.

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  1. You won't catch me purchasing any Nokia or Siemins Merchandise and I will pass on the 'word' to all of my contacts.

  2. Thanks! If the Europeans are so much in favoe of boycotts of Israel, why not do the same back at them, and with a valid reason to boot?

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