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A photo exhibit of gay men was stopped in Gothenburg World Culture Museum, due to risk of “Swedish Muslims being forced into a defensive position”:

GOTHENBURG. GT can reveal that Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin’s exhibition, Jerusalem, was stopped due to the museum management feeling that it would negatively impact Muslim Swedes.
This happened after several meetings with religious leaders and LGBT opponents, all heterosexual men, who were negative towards the exhibition.
The idea for the exhibition already hatched in 2007 by the newly appointed head of the museum, Margareta Alin.
– I had heard about Ohlson Wallin’s plans by another photographer and I thought it sounded like a great idea, “she told GT. 
Everything was hunky-dory as long Alin was head of the museum. But it was when she retired that something happening.

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  1. I'm not gay , but I am a live and let live person, and they have just as much rights as anyone else, Tell the practitioners of the 'Religion Of Peace' if they don't like gays don't go to the museum, simple as that. The problem with the Muslim community if you give them an inch they will demand and take a mile.

  2. Well said. This is an issue of human rights, it doesn't mean that it demands approval by others, just acceptance that there are indeed people who are in fact gay, for what ever the reason.

    Muslims have to be forced to join the modern world, appeasing them will just get their blood worked up for even more.

    Thanks for commenting.

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