Gaza Flotilla Peace Activists


First is a cropped picture from Reuters

Second is the same picture with the knife showing
in the bottom right hand side.
Lastly, “peaceful activists” waiting to lunge
Former Finnish Foreign Minister
Erkki Tuomioja (SDP)
Hey Tundra, stop showing these pictures,
you’re undermining my finely crafted narrative.
Barry Rubin:
[…] Bülent Yildirim: (IHH leader)  “Let me tell you that if it were not for the ceasefire, Istanbul, Ankara, Diyarbakir, and all of Turkey would be in Gaza.”
The ceasefire is that between Hamas and Israel. In other words, if the fighting renews, all Turks would go and fight for Hamas. This is not realistic, of course, but is a sign that Yildirim views the issue as a war of extermination against Israel. And, by the way, if he is advocating war this shows he puts Jihad and battle over the humanitarian well-being of Gazans. How many Gazans would be killed in that war? And what would those casualties be in terms of suffering compared to the delivery of outdated medicines and various other goods in the ships?
Yildirim continues by saying that if Allah so wills there will be no more embargo. This would mean, of course, that Hamas could get all the arms and military equipment it wants. Notice he doesn’t call for an easing of the embargo just to let in humanitarian needs and consumer goods. But wait! If Hamas spends the money on arms then that will reduce the living standards of Gazans!
So Yildirim, like Hamas, tells the people of Gaza: Don’t moderate! Don’t make peace with your neighbors! Fight the Jihad and be a martyr! Raise your children to be suicide bombers! And if the embargo is reduced and Western countries cozy up to Hamas there is good news and bad news.
The good news is that Gazans may get more consumer goods.
The bad news is that for the rest of their lives they will be forced to fight an endless war, suffer huge casualties, undergo material deprivations, lose their children to either mindless extremism or death, and live under an oppressive regime that will repress any freedom and turn women into chattel.
How humanitarian is that?

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