For the International Community, currently there are one set of rules (of international law) for the world, and another completely different set of rules specifically designed for the Jewish state of Israel. For the rest of the world, international law, or the disregard for it, is looked upon as a right, and at times between the fingers, for an example, no one in the IC is currently holding the N.Koreans to account through an “independent investigative team” for its role in the premeditated attack, sinking and murder of 40-50 S.Korean sailors on a S.Korean naval vessel.
Israel on the other hand, in regards to the “Flotilla of the Huns” incident, is not afforded any kind of equal  consideration for its own predicament, every illegal provocation against it, (and this indeed was a major provocation orchestrated by Turkey) is viewed as legitimate, while every legal move to defend itself from that provocation is regarded as illegal.
So according to the way the International Community thinks, the only way for Israel to find favor in world opinion is to accept the rules the international community has set down exclusively for it, like the creating of an international body to “investigate” the incident of the Israeli commando raid on the Turkish ship supposedly carrying “humanitarian aid” to Gaza.
There even has been some of Israel’s supporters, in fact, calling for Israel to do just that. According to their thinking, Israel should accept an investigation (in the naive belief that the international community would even accept both an Israeli investigation and its findings,) in order to curry favor from its enemies. It’s however highly doubtful that that’s what the IC has in mind.
First of all, for Israel to accept the rules concocted by it’s opposition in the International Community (read = UN), will only end up weakening the Jewish state itself, because it creates an appeasing, dhimmi-like /Stockholm syndrome mentality that will in the long run, only further reduce its collective will to fight for its legitimate rights as a free and equal and sovereign nation among the nations. In fact, that outcome is exactly what the Arab strategy so far, at least since the 73′ war has been all about, a long terrorist siege aimed at the chipping away at the collective will of the Jewish state.
By accepting the rules that the anti-Israel International Community has created specifically for it, Israel would then be subject to adapting time and again to the sometimes subtle, and overt, changes to the rules. If international maritime law allows for the boarding of a ship attempting to run a blockade the moment it leaves port, but for the Jews, such a move is roundly condemned as piracy, then what hope has Israel to survive as a nation if it allows the IC to hold it to an extreme double standard? ´
On the contrary, Israel would be well within its rights to  demand a thorough independent investigation into the Turkish regime’s role in fomenting the whole situation, establishing what are its ties to the Islamic terrorist linked IHH that was funding this whole blockade running operation. Once Israel begins to accept the opposition’s views in how it’s to conduct itself, the state is finished, its the beginning of the end. We already see that the UN Secretary General, Ban KI-Crescent-Moon already demanding an end to the blockade of the Hamas.
Why should Israel give in to the demands of its enemies in the matter of an investigative body into the Flotilla of the Huns incident, when the UN is already showing its hand in demanding an end to the blockade that’s keeping Jews safe from rocket attacks? Calls for Israel to take up the enemy’s demands and talking points is a lose, lose situation and to be avoided. Period.  KGS
NOTE: Here is the Google translation of an article in the Finnish Swedish daily Hufvudstadbladet, that shows the mindest of the morons and loons baying for Israel’s scalp. These are the people who would like to be in charge of Israel’s future if they were allowed to do so, and should serve as a warning to those who say they are “friends of Israel” but would like to nontheless, give people like Yrsa Grüne the benefit of the doubt.
One can not seriously talk about peace negotiations with a view to a Palestinian state without addressing the issue of Gaza and Hamas. Yrsa Grüne: Gaza is the key issue to be resolved before an independent Palestinian state could become a reality.
It is clearer than ever after Israeli commandos in international waters, stopped the ship carrying aid material and with international activists on board.
Israeli actions condemned worldwide, also in Israel. Eyewitnesses on board evidence of how the Israeli soldiers did not hesitate to shoot at sleeping civilians and the Israeli press calling military raid against a squadron fiasco political, military and public relations terms.
In Israel and among Jews abroad is increasing concern that Israel is increasingly alone. Israel’s main ally the U.S. has kept a low profile, but President Barack Obama has demanded an independent inquiry into the events.
It is questionable how “independent” should be interpreted. Previously, investigations that Israel itself has often been enough for the Americans. This time is to be hoped that the equal sign is between the independent and international. The ships entered the lands far beyond Israel’s territory and where there is immunity, “says Professor Hugh Tiberg (Hbl 2.6).
To Israel and Turkey have good relations previously given way to cold is regrettable. Trust between the two countries was of great importance for the United States in the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan after the terrorist attacks on September 11.
After the Israeli military raid that has a lot of confidence smulats broken and it serves no peace in the Middle East. It also risks further isolating Israel.
In protest against aid deliveries were stopped by force offshore Egypt opened the Rafah border crossing, one corridor into Gaza, which Israel does not control. There is no reason for outsiders to triumph over one of Israel who feel increasingly alone stand ..
The risk that the Israeli leadership – and people – to experience themselves as martyrs is imminent. This increases the danger to Israel, a deaf ear to the factual arguments. At the same seesaw highly on the second edge is already Hamas, which controls Gaza.
Raid against the squadron could not have happened at a more inconvenient time. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inhibited his planned meeting with Obama in Washington. Previous meetings between the two has not led to concrete results in the peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. In light of the events of recent days does not look brighter to find a way out.
Blockade on Gaza must be lifted. The war for more than a year ago and the raid against military squadron serves mainly Hamas and Israel’s arch-foe Iran. It is not supposed to be at the expense of Israeli civilians. Israel is a sovereign state and has the right to be regarded as such. Israel has a right to defend itself and argue that the firing of rockets from Gaza at civilian targets has fallen since the blockade imposed.
It may be true, but ultimately it did not improve Israel’s security. The blockade and the low threshold to use military force only dilutes the bitterness of the Palestinians. Israel and the United States flatly refuses to let Hamas to the negotiating table. But it is difficult to see how serious attempt to achieve stability and peace in the region can be achieved without Hamas’s also tied to the responsibility of a contract always entails.

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