Finnish SDP Leftard, Erkki Tuomioja:
Now I REALLY hate Israel

Old Scruffy is the quintessential socialist Democrat and anti-Israel puke bag who used to be Finland’s foreign minister during the reign of the Social Demo-rats, thankfully the oaf is reduced to spewing his tripe at his not well read blog. The Tundra Tabloids receives more hits a week than than this scumbag ever will in a month. Reading his tripe with a barf bucket handy is recommended. KGS

Piracy Gaza coast

The deadly blow by the Pirate State of Israel yesterday is a hot topic and stir the minds here in Madrid in the national parliament of the European committees COSAC’s meeting.
The EU by mouth of Catherine Ashton  immediately condemned the event, which is registered with satisfaction here. Statements are not enough, but they must also lead to actions that make it clear that even Israel is not above international law.
Still expected is more accurate and reliable information on the exact course of events, but the essential has already been long known.
Israel’s occupation policy in general and the Gaza humanitarian disaster situation in maintaining the blockade, in particular generate the whole period of growing protests, to which Israel always corresponds with completely unacceptable and disproportionate and often lethal use of force.
NOTE: Oh but that’s not all! The Tundra Tabloids notices on Ol’ Scruffy’s PC screen the picture of Finland’s own official ‘Helsinki Rose’ Kirsi Virtanen, the candy coated barbed wire voice of anti-Israelism and Jew Hatred. How perfect is that?

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