The Tundra Tabloids correctly labels these blockade busters as Huns, for anyone wishing to aid a genocidal movement like Hamas, deserves to be viewed as accomplices to the genocide of the Jews and treated as such, no matter if the flotilla includes 19 European legislators and a Holocaust survivor. They’re all a bunch of moronic “huns” for giving aid and comfort to cut throats.

‘We will remain non-violent’ (say the Huns)

Gaza flotilla activists prepare for Monday arrival.
An activist in the protest flotilla bound for Gaza told Army Radio on Sunday that those aboard the ships would not react violently if the ships were thwarted by the Navy.
The flotilla, on its way to test the blockade of the Gaza Strip was delayed once again. The Gaza-bound protest ships, which were originally slated to arrive in Israeli waters on Saturday, will leave international waters off Cyprus on Sunday and are scheduled to reach Gaza on Monday. Technical difficulties were cited as the reason for the hold up.
While eight ships were initially scheduled to sail to Gaza, in the end a total of five ships were reported to be on their way after three suffered technical malfunctions.

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UPDATE: An anonymous commenter offers the following:
These people are not interested in Humanitarian aid! Israel offered to pass the goods through the accepted borders and they refused because they are trying to make a political point for hamas. As for the holocaust “survivor” you should check her name. If it was the same one on the last attempt to break through the borders she is a fake. One last comment. The parents of Gilad Shalit approached these people asking if they would take a package for their son–who has been denied any humanitarian contact for almost 4 years–the refused outright!! They are not interested in human rights–only supporters of terror. Disgusting Hypocrites!

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