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The Israeli Supreme Court makes at times, some very counterproductive rulings, this happens to be one of them, allowing anti-Israel activists to decide whether or not Israeli citizens will be put at risk of terrorism.
These anti-Israel activists don’t really care whether an Arab can make it to work on time, what they really want to achieve is to place the average Israeli in danger of loosing their lives, so they’ll force the government to make incredibly stupid moves on the political know, peace moves.
These Leftist “human rights” and “peace” activists do not have the best interests of either Arab or Jew at heart, what they want to achieve is the breaking down of Israeli civil life, advance the interests of its enemies, and promote/impose their own world view on them both, in which a Jewish state has no place.
The Israeli Supreme Court shouldn’t be paying these Leftist idiots any attention, but they do, which causes the TT to question the majority of the ISC’s mental state. This ruling is going to lead to dead Jews, and then searches and arrests and possibly Arab deaths as the terrorists refuse to be captured. I hope I’m wrong, but we’ve seen similar decisions to end check points and road blocks lead to the very same thing. KGS

Israelis on Road 443 on edge

A crow could fly to Ramallah, but for Palestinians, the black and white sign to the city, which hangs off a metal pole on Route 443 by Camp Ofer, leads nowhere.
The much-anticipated opening of Route 443 to vehicles with Palestinian license plates this Friday – something that has not happened since 2002 – will do nothing to change that.
The Association for Civil Rights in Israel might have won a two-year court battle to place the Palestinians on the highway that cuts through 17 kilometers of the West Bank and links Jerusalem with the Tel Aviv road, but December’s judicial victory against what Palestinians have termed “the apartheid road” did not give them the one thing they most wanted: quick access to Ramallah, where they receive essential services.
Now that the deadline is up – the court gave the IDF five months to prepare the road – Palestinians worry that the security checks and circuitous traffic patterns from the creation of two entry points and four exit ones will render the road useless to them.
Israeli motorists, parliamentarians and regional leaders are also unhappy. They fear an increase in traffic jams and accidents, as well as a spike in incidents of Palestinians throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at passing cars.
Worse, they are afraid of fatal terror attacks, such as those that killed six Israeli motorists on the West Bank stretch of 443 during the first two years of the intifada – acts that caused the IDF to ban Palestinians from the road in the first place.
Military sources told The Jerusalem Post the IDF still believed it would be safer to keep Palestinians off the road, but that the court had ruled against it.

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