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Tomorrow is Friday, and the University of Helsinki will continue its long tradition of sponsoring the Islamic cultural jihad against the West with a panel of guest speakers which includes the likes of supposedly “former” Marxist, Tariq Ali, as well as Heba Raouf Ezzat, one of the co-founders of Islam Online, who also espouses Marxist principles, and Susanne Dahlgren, a U of H academic researcher of Islamic culture and practices. You can then guess what shape the seminar will be taking when these three take the floor.

Tariq Ali: I’m a Marxist/Trotskyite & anti-capitalist
and I’m so glad that the U of Helsinki likes my thinking

Tariq Ali hates the US for supporting Pakistan’s military governments, though its military, like in Turkey, traditionally kept the lid on Islam exploding in the streets. Look what happens when Hamas wins an election. Ali is also an anti-capitalist and signer of the Porto Alegre Manifesto, which seriously undermines his claim of not being a Marxist (or at least a Trotskyist) anymore. He also had this to say about the Pope’s speech that riled Muslims everywhere.

“The Pope chooses to insult the founder of a rival faith. The reaction in the Muslim world was predictable, but depressingly insufficient.”

Heba Raouf Ezzat: IslamOnline is not just about Jew hate,
IslamOnline is about expression of the Muslim identity

Then there’s Heba Raouf Ezzat, the co-founder of IslamOnline with her husband Ahmed Mohammed Abdalla, who teaches political science at Cairo University, writes on issues of Islam, modernity and human rights” who believes that the:

“whole logic of the veil, from an Islamic perspective, is designed to minimise precisely this domineering effect of the market,” (low slung trousers on females).

Her website IslamOnline is full of anti-Semitic and homophobic comments and discourse which obviously has no effect on this academic, who urges IslamOnline readers to “set aside any prejudices and revisit with equal enthusiasm “anarchism”, the Marxist concern with social justice or rising religiosity in India.” In short, another Muslim Marxist.

Susanne Dahlgren: Forget about the misogyny,
you just got to admire that Islamic system of the dowry

Then there’s Susanne Dahlgren, the University of Helsinki academic in the Cultural Anthropology Department who majors in Islamic studies, and researches, for example, Muslim women’s issues for the university. She’ll round out the seminar by giving it, Islam, a seal of approval for the supposed “safe guarding of women’s rights” through the use of the dowry system.

“who supports the idea that a woman’s dowry in Yemen is a tool in social bonding, and a discourse on morality and propriety.”

All the subjugation, misogyny and brutality heaped upon them by Islam, is brought to nought because they have a dowry system. My, my, how lucky for them. How lucky for the people of Helsinki to be able to hear a bunch of Marxists blather on about “social justice” how capitalism sucks and Islam being the “third way”, and all at the Finnish tax payers’ expense. How lucky can you get? 

NOTE: No matter how Left-leaning Muslims are, scratch them, and watch how quickly their inner Mohamed pops out.

H/T: Vasarahammer

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  1. OH my god, LMAO Susanne D.
    XD ಠ▃ಠ haha I don’t know where she’s from originally (Finland?) but she looks exactly like all the leftist Swedish politician women, who hate men, because they are pan face ugly, and so put all their energies into doing things I consider to be ‘anti social’ for the indigenous population out of spite and revenge.
    She is heinous. I read she is married with a child, I presume her ‘spouses’ name is also Susanne and the child is the result of IVF or adoption.

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