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Jimmie Åkesson: All are equal under the law 

Many thanks to Reinhard for the following interview of SD chairman, Jimmie Åkesson, where he weighs in on the case before the Swedish State Prosecutors concerning the publicly placed posters of Islam’s prophet Mohamed and his 9 year old wife Aisha, in which he was called a pedophile by Carl P. Herslow in Skåne Sweden.

This is the very same argumentation used by, Jussi Halla-aho, a Finnish Helsinki city councilman in his defense in calling the Muslims’ prophet Mohamed a pedophile as well. Though the video speaks of only statements issued by himself (supposedly inciting) against the immigrant Somali community, which were later dropped in favor of prosecution against him calling Mohamed a pedophile, the argumentation is the same.

Citizens according to Finnish law, are to be held equally accountable under the law, there shouldn’t be a situation where anything negative said against Christians or Jews is deemed acceptable, while negative statements against Muslims and Islam is a punishable offense. The Finnish councilman was later convicted by the court of insulting Islamic sensibilities, though similar things have been said against Christians.

Such a double standard that can’t be allowed to exist, and the best remedy is to expunge from the law books existing hate speech laws that have been proven to be used in a totally arbitrary way.

The Nordic region excels in these “hate speech” laws, and Finland in particular, in prosecuting those who are seen as running afoul of them. KGS

H/T: Reinhard

Jimmie Åkesson condemns prosecution of islam critical images

The Chancellor has decided to prosecute the Skåne Party leader Carl P Herslow for hate speech. The facts of the indictment is to spread Herslow’s images depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed and his 9-year-old wife Aisha.
Sweden Democrat party leader Jimmie Åkesson condemned the decision to prosecute:
– From a democratic point of view, the Chancellor of Justice’s indictment against Charles P Herslow is very worrying. Would the Herslow case mean in practice to criminalize criticism of Islam.
– I can understand that the images Herslow spread can be seen as distasteful.Even more distasteful is the fact that the data from Islam’s own sources about Muhammad’s marriage with an underage girl to this day is used to legitimize child marriage in certain Muslim countries. Through mass immigration, this vile phenomenon unfortunately is also become a growing social problem in Sweden. Only in Malmö is declared now that a dozen children being married off every year. Against this it must be open to challenge, even with the controversial practice.
– Finally, I can not see any fundamental difference between Skåne Party pictures and various controversial images against Christianity as such “Ecce Homo” and “Piss Christ”, and in these cases brought JK no charges for incitement to racial hatred. In a democracy, even provocative and distasteful social criticism on religion is permitted and the law must be equal for all. We can not have a system where criticism is allowed for Christianity but Islam is criminalized criticism. Unfortunately, however, it seems to be where we are going, “said Jimmie Åkesson.

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