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Gay-marriage couple remanded to police custody

PESHAWAR: Judicial Magistrate Syed Shaukatullah Shah on Tuesday remanded two people to police custody for allegedly trying to enter into gay marriage on Monday. The alleged couple, Malik Iqbal Khan, 42, and a eunuch Kashif alias Rani, was arrested in a midnight police raid when the guests were celebrating their ‘marriage’ in a Faqirabad neighbourhood.
“We arrested the bridegroom, the ‘bride’ and 43 others from the wedding party,” a police official said, adding that all of them were remanded in custody for one day on charges of attending an “illegal” event. He said the couple was arrested from a well-decorated room while the participants of the marriage came from various parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. Khan, a fertiliser dealer, who already has two wives, denied that he was marrying the eunuch.
“It was only a birthday party for Rani, but police arrested us. We had no intention of getting married,” he said. The furious ‘bride’ also insisted it had only been a birthday bash. “I pray there should be more suicide attacks on police because they put people in trouble unnecessarily,” said Rani. Malik Iqbal’s lawyer told the court that his client was only attending a dance function of the eunuchs.
Shah Faisal, a senior lawyer, said police brought up the charge of “unnatural sexual offence” against the accused for which the maximum punishment was life imprisonment. Many bearded people on the premises of the Judicial Complex tried to thrash the couple, who were saved by security personnel. akhtar amin.

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