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  1. Anonymous said…

    From Sweden.
    If muslims kill Sweden artists is it self defense to kill muslim?
    Help to cure and help muslim children from islam.
    Send this info to muslim childrens home page,
    When "prophet" mohammed was 50 he marry a 9 year old child,
    So he was a fucking pedophile and a slave owner.
    Watch and read
    it´s not mine ip nr

  2. I'm not Brigitte Gabriel's biggest fan.

    I'm not Sean Hannity's biggest fan.

    That being said, it is in poor taste to build a mosque in the World Trade Center site. The Muslim Brotherhood is just rubbing salt in our wounds.

    One has to wonder where they found the money to buy the property and build a mosque on prime real estate. Perhaps this once again is a fine example of how America has the "best government money can buy".

  3. Hi TINSC: It's the Saudis pure and simple, the moneu is flowing from them and others in the region.

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