The Three Anti-Semite Amigos
‘The Three Amigos’ have a lot in common, they’re authoritarians, they abhor capitalism and the United States, treat Obama as the weak stooge that he is, they champion the notion of wealth distribution and see the potential in using the ruse of athroprogenic (man made) global warming as a means to achieving their aims.
So one of ‘The Three Amigos’, Morales from Bolivia, has arrived in Finland to open arms of welcome by Finland’s socialist president, Tarja (save the world) Halonen, and pseudo conservative, Center Party leader and Prime Minsiter, Matti Vanhanen.
While the latter, Matti Vanhanan, might just be polite as senior politicians should be for a visiting head of state, the former, Tarja Halonen, is more than likely ‘really excited’ about this moonbat/anti-Semitic Fascist authoritarian’s visit. Halonen is a full blooded socialist and a ‘save the world’ activist president. In short, she’s a  cruel joke of head of state. 
Morales is a Pro-Hamas anti-Semite, (he’s got a Jew problem) and Fascist/Marxist, which means he favors the stealing of the wealth from others and distributing it to those of his choosing. He’s an authoritarian and coke head, a 3rd world banana republic leader whose understanding of serious economics rivals that of a chimp. He wants wealth but will refuse his own people the opportunity and means to produce it, so he and his fellow travellers will use GW crapola to try and pry that wealth from those who created it.
I’m sure that the Finnish socialist president, Tarja Halonen, shares many of his views, so it’s no wonder he received such a “warm welcome” from her. It’s also truly disgusting to hear this idiot speak his crap in the Finnish media, while the political hacks stand next to him and smile like a bunch of dopes that they are. What a disgusting sight. KGS

Morales on Anti Climate Change Campaign in Finland

Bolivian President Evo Morales is perhaps the most radical voice raised in opposition to the evils of climate change. During a visit to Finland, the Bolivian President continued his anti climate change campaign.
The socialist president received an extremely warm welcome when he arrived in Finland on Friday. A member of the Aimari indigenous group, he is the first politician of indigenous background to have been elected to his country’s highest political office.
Following his arrival in Finland Friday, the Bolivian President held talks with President Tarja Halonen, in which he discussed climate issues and the bilateral transfer of clean technology. He also met with Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen.
A central theme of the discussions was climate change and its remedies, with Pachamama – mother earth – a recurring figure in the Bolivian’s discourses.
“The best way to defend human rights is to defend the rights of mother earth. Brothers and sisters, I am convinced that the earth can exist without man, but that man cannot survive without the earth,” he declared.
Along with other Latin American socialist countries, Bolivia chose not to underwrite last December’s Copenhagen declaration and its watered down agreement to combat climate change, forged at the climat summit in Denmark. It doesn’t mean that he’s not concerned about climate change. On the contrary, Morales is currently the most radical voice in the struggle to keep the planet healthy.
“Global warming must be limited to one degree, not the two degrees called for by the industrialised countries, or the three or four degrees that our current lifestyles will lead to,” he demanded.
At the Copenhagen summit, Morales announced his own parallel conference on climate change, dubbed “The People’s Conference”, which took place in Bolivia in April. Some 35,000 participants from more than 150 countries attended the event.
Morales’ summit declaration was pointed: the conference agreed to set up a global climate justice tribunal and to outline a declaration on the rights of mother earth. Next year there will be a worldwide referendum against climate change.
According to Morales, mother earth’s worst enemy is unbridled capitalism.
“There are two alternative routes: we can either save capitalism or we can save mother earth,” said the Bolivian president, who over the past four years has nationalized some of his country’s most important productive sectors, including as gas and oil.

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