I came across the audio pod cast of conservative radio talk show host, Marc Levin, a man I greatly admire, where he reads a portion from the late Arthur M. Schlesinger’s book “The Disuniting of America: Reflections on a Multicultural Society“. Levin then elucidates on those portions read, which details the exact problems Europe faces with its disastrous infatuation with the mass importation of low level worker immigrants from Muslim countries, in order to theoretically pay for the welfare state while rigging Europe with a default Multicultural society.
According to multi-culti dogma, mixing up the ethnicity of the individual states while imposing multicultural practices and policies on them, will reduce the likelihood of repeating Europe’s penchant for wars, help the Third world, and somehow keep the individual welfare states of Europe functioning. It’s all doomed to failure. Mark Levin, the late Arthur M.Schlesenger, the late Sen.Eugene McCarthy, the late Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand explain why.
The following is a transcription the Tundra Tabloids has done from yesterday’s broadcast 19.05.10 on the Marc Levin show. KGS
Marc Levin: Folks, the president had a phony press conference at the White House today, it was a phony press conference because he was there with the president of Mexico, Calderon, and didn’t take a single question from the American media, only the Mexican media, and what took place there was a horrific spectacle.
The president of Mexico who is a guest in this nation, a guest at our White House, besmirching our country and the people of Arizona. But the worst part of it was, the president of the United States joining in and doing the same thing. If you love this country, if you love this country I don’t know how you can support this president, there I said and I mean it.
I just don’t know how you can, and if anybody wants to challenge me on that I’m happy to deal with them. I know all the well funded left wing front groups that this president uses to attack me and others will be at it, but who cares about them they don’t matter. […]
Here’s a book, “The Disuniting of America, Reflections on a Multicultural Society“, and do you know who the author is? The late Arthur Schlesenger Jr. who died a few years ago, and Schlesenger was a huge liberal Democrat, an historian and he received many rewards, praised by many. I’m not particularly a fan but this was particularly interesting icon on the Left. […] Big time liberal Democrat icon.
So he wrote this book, The Disuniting of America, Reflections on a Multicultural Society”, Arthur Schlesenger Jr., 1991. Because you see ladies and gentlemen, I’m not in agreement with everything Mr.Schlesenger wrote in this book, he wrote some very wise things in this book, which the Democrat party today, the Democrat party icons today do not stand for.
I want you to listen to a little bit of this in the forward, Arthur Schlesenger Jr., remember this is twenty years ago, and he writes in part:
“E Pluribus Unom”, the United States had a brilliant solution, for the inherent fragility of multicultural ethnic society: the creation of a brand-new national identity, carried forward by individuals who, in forsaking old loyalties and joining to make lives, melted away ethnic differences. Those intrepid Europeans who had torn up their roots to brave the wild Atlantic wanted to forget a horrid past and to embrace a hopeful future. The expected to become Americans. Their goals were escape, deliverance, assimilation. They saw American as a transforming nation, banishing dismal memories and developing a unique national character based on common political ideals and shared experiences. The point of America was not to preserve old cultures, but to forge a new American culture.
He wrote: One reason why Canada despite all of its advantages is so vulnerable to schism, is that as Canadians freely admit, their country lacks such unique national identity. Attracted variously to Britain’s, France’s and the United States. inclined for generous reasons to a policy of multiculturalism, Canadians have never developed a strong sense of what it is to be a Canadian. As Sir John McDonald, their first Prime Minister put it, “Canada is too much geography and too little history”.
The United States had plenty of history, from the Revolution on, Americans have had a powerful national creed, the vigorous sense of national identity accounts for our relative success in converting one people, thereby making a multi ethnic society work.

This is Arthur Schlesenger Jr. twenty years ago. You won’t hear a single Democrat speak this way today He went on:

The historic idea of a unifying identity is now in peril in many arenas, in our politics, in our voluntary organizations, our churches, our language, and in no areas the rejection of an overriding national identity more crucial than our system of education. The schools and colleges of the republic train the citizens of the future. Our public schools in particular have been a great instrument in assimilation and a great means in forming an American identity, what students are taught schools affects the way there after see other Americans, the way they will there after conceive the purposes of the republic. The debate about the curriculum is to debate about what it means to be an American.
He writes: The militants of ethnicity, (this is the left-wing Democrat Arthur Schelesenger Jr.) The militants of ethnicity now contend the main objective of public education should be the protection, the strengthening, the celebration and perpetuation of ethnic origins and identities. Separatism however nourishes prejudices, magnifies differences and stirs antagonism. The consequent increase in ethnic and racial conflict lies behind the hullabaloo over multiculturalism and political correctness, over the inequities over the European centric curriculum and over the notion that history and literature should be taught, not as intellectual disciplines, but as austerities, whose function is to raise minority self esteem.
Watching ethnic conflict tear one nation after another apart, one cannot look with complacency at proposals to divide the United States into distinct an immutable ethnic and racial communities. Each taught to cherish its own apartness from the rest. One wonders whether the center will hold, or will the melting pot give way to the tower of babel?
He wrote: I don’t want to sound apocalyptic about these developments, education is always affirmed and a good thing to, but the impact of ethnic and racial pressures on our public schools is troubling. The bonds of national cohesion are sufficiently fragile already, public education should aim to strengthen those bonds, not to weaken them. If separatist tendencies go unchecked the result can only mean fragmentation, resegregation and tribalization of America life.
There is no Schlesenger Jr. among the liberal Democrats today are there? What you see in front of you is what he describes, tribalism, segregationalism. […] The late Democrat Sen.Eugene McCarthy, who I have a lot of admiration for, I didn’t always agree with him but sometimes did , is cited in my Liberation chapter in my Liberty and Tyrrany book, he stated:
The United States cannot regain its competitive standing in the world by importing low wage workers from other countries. On the one hand it engenders conditions that this country can not and should not tolerate. On the other hand in a modern age a nation’s wealth and prosperity is secured by high worker productivity and capital investment, not by the availability of low wage labour. On the other end, the great Dr.Milton Freidman, Austrian School of Economics, a Libertarian, a man I admired and still admire enormously.
 He said: It’s obvious that you can’t have free immigration and a welfare state. And by the way, Ayn Rand believed the same thing, she also believed in one language. Thomas Aquinas said the same thing. They all understood history, they all understood what happens to multi-ethnic, multicultural societies, they crash, they break up.[…] you can see it in L.A., you can see the pandering and the tribalism. You can’t wear the American flag on Cinco de Mayo day because it’s provocative?
What would Arthur Schlesenger Jr. say about that? What would Sen. Eugene McCarthy say about that? What would Milton Friedman say about that? What would the Founding fathers say about that?

NOTE: The balkanization of individual European societies is predicated on the notion that “nationalism” is wrong, that one’s pride of nation and state is the fault for its wars. It’s a failed notion. Europe’s ruling class of the aristocracy and royalty were for the most part responsible for the wars of Europe, not the people.

The lure of representative democracy and upstart capitalism (read Liberalism) began to upset their applecart, which directly lead to the rise of the Communists and Socialists who were nothing more than anti-liberal reactionaries as were the status quo conservative ruling class.

Europe once again has gotten it wrong, it’s not an all encompassing supra-state saddled with multiculturalism that will save Europe from conflict, but democracy itself, built upon individualism and the free market.

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