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Here’s another excellent analysis from Rubin that pretty much lays the foundation for the understanding of Obama’s Middle East foreign policy decisions and failures. In short, the polices implemented by this US president through the advice of his inept staff of “experts”, approach the region’s problems and the principle players (who are orchestrating these problems) in a totally back-asswards kind of way, and that’s saying it rather nicely mind you. KGS
Every day I wake up hoping to have good news to report about U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. There are some positive things-regarding U.S.-Israel bilateral relations-but other than that it is hard to find anything but failure and incompetence.
We are now one-third of the way through the Obama Administration and, regrettably, it has not learned very much at all about understanding the world situation and correcting its mistakes. The time for wishful thinking is over: if it hasn’t made major corrections by now, the Obama Administration is very unlikely to get any better during the rest of its term.
I hope you, dear readers, don’t get tired of this theme because this is indeed both the most important thing that’s happening and it’s happening on many fronts. The Israel-Palestinian one is the least problematic compared to the others.
Here are nine huge problems going on right now that are not being addressed by the U.S. government and are barely comprehended by the U.S. debate and large portions of the mass media. I defy anyone to show that any of these points is inaccurate. You can claim they are exaggerated, but not by much. You can claim that the U.S. government lacks options, but it is not even trying to find or develop them, nor is it telling the public the truth about these issues.

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