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Nazia Quazi: Free at last, free at last,
than God I’m free at last
The Tundra Tabloids wakes up to the great news that this woman is no longer under house arrest by her father and the Saudi State, she’s finally free at last to live her life. The Tundra Tabloids believes that it’s no coincidence that she was let go right after the two Canadian officers handed back their medals they received from the Saudis for their role in liberating Kuwait. Thanks to Vlad for the H/T

OTTAWA — As of Monday morning, Nazia Quazi is free of her father’s control.

The young Muslim woman, who is a Canadian citizen and studied at the University of Ottawa, had been trapped in the Saudi Arabian capital for the past three years under the country’s male guardianship system that sees fathers speak on behalf of their unmarried daughters.
Her father refused to let the 24-year-old Quazi leave the country, allegedly because he didn’t approve of her boyfriend, Bjorn Singhal, whom she met in Ottawa.
Last night, Singhal, who had been communicating with her via text messages, reported that Quazi boarded a plane bound for Dubai, which was rolling away from the terminal when she had to turn off her phone. It landed in Dubai less than two hours later.
As soon as she was in the air, she was officially out of the reach of the male guardianship system and therefore free to make her own choices about where she lives and who she spends time with. The plan, Singhal said, is for them to marry in Dubai on Wednesday.
Quazi’s mother, who lives in Ottawa, travelled to Riyadh with her son last week, reportedly to try to convince her husband to let their daughter leave and be with her boyfriend.
It would seem she was successful as they all traveled to Dubai on Sunday night with Quazi for the wedding.
Singhal’s mother, who lives in Montreal, also travelled to Dubai on Sunday, to be there for her son’s wedding.
Singhal said the plan was to go to the high court and get married while also getting “the necessary paperwork done for Nazia to be with me legally.”

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  1. She probably agreed to be the Saudis' anti-Semitic propaganda tool if they let her go. Beware!

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