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Swedish media: Halal murder in CPH?
Haven’t heard or seen hide nor hair of it

This story comes by way of “Sweden, Israel and the Jews blog“, concerning a gruesome murder that took place last week that was met with not only a wall of silence from near by Sweden, but the original story in the Danish paper Nyhederne, had the headline changed from “Got 15 Years for “Halal Murder” to the more banal sounding “Father and Son convicted of knife murder”, as well as the law-court physician Gyda Lolk Ottosen’s description in court being deleted:
“The large carotid artery was cut straight off. The arteries to the heart were also cut off on both sides. This is the method used when you “halal” butcher an animal’.”
According to the SIJ blog, the paper edited it out for reasons only known to them. Read it all here at Sara’s SIJ blog. KGS
NOTE: The Finnish media did the same here concerning Kosovar, Ibrhahim Shkupolli’s halal murder of an ex-girl friend last year. The Finnish media failed to report that the woman was butchered from ear to ear, halal style. If not for the details provided by a Tundra Tabloids’ proven source, this information would have never seen the light of day. The woman was bound to a chair and then nearly decapitated.

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