The pace in which all these things keep pummeling the US populace is stunning, and yet Americans are supposed to just sit tight and shut their mouths or risk being called racists. The state of Arizon enacts a law on illegal immigration based solely on a US federal law already on the books, and they’re smeared as racists by race baiters such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jakson and a host of others.
If you listen to conservative radio talk show host, Mark Levin, you get the full info on the law, and just how much of a liar Barack Obama really is, lying to the American public about the Arizona law, thereby treating the American people with gross contempt in the process. What an evil guy. The self labeled post racial president is busy dividing and balkanizing the US public. KGS

Glenn Beck – Puerto Rico The 51st State ?

Puerto Rico, the 51st State?

H.R. 2499 is stealth legislation designed to lead to the admission of Spanish-speaking Puerto Rico as the 51st state, thereby making us a de facto bilingual nation, like Canada. The U.S. Congress should not be forcing Puerto Ricans to vote on statehood, especially since the Puerto Rican people have rejected statehood three times since 1991!
No Member of Congress who describes himself as a limited government, fiscal conservative should be casting a YEA vote for H.R. 2499, as Puerto Rican statehood would cause an immediate increase in federal expenditures, particularly for taxpayer-funded welfare state services.
Sponsored by Puerto Rican delegate Pedro Pierluisi (D), the Puerto Rico Democracy Act (H.R. 2499) – which has reared its ugly head a number of times over the past few congresses but has yet to have any success – would require Puerto Ricans to hold a national referendum to decide if they want Puerto Rico to remain a self-governing U.S. commonwealth, or become the 51st state.
The referendum would be set up as two plebiscites which would effectively deceive Puerto Ricans into voting for statehood. In the first round of votes, the Puerto Rican people would be given the choice between remaining a U.S. territory and “pursuing a different political status.” If the majority votes to maintain the status quo, this bill would require that Puerto Rico vote on this same issue every eight years.
If the majority votes for “different status,” a second round of votes would be held where Puerto Ricans would choose either statehood or independence-the status quo of “U.S. territory” would not even be an option! In other words, the two ballots would be rigged to favor the outcome of statehood, overriding the wishes of Americans and Puerto Ricans who want to maintain the current commonwealth status.
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