Finnish Immigration Concerns Unemployment in Finland


Yeah, any rejection by a Finnish employer of an immigrant in an ever increasing depleted job market, is an immediate example of Finnish racism. What this will all lead to is of course a Finnish version of “affirmative action”, where someone is automatically put ahead of the line due to his or her color or ethnicity, not due to ability. Reverse racism that’s government sanctioned and funded by the tax payer, just wait and see. KGS

For Some, Name is an Obstacle to Hiring

For some jobseekers of immigrant background, even those who speak fluent Finnish, their name alone can make landing a job difficult.
“Many young immigrants speak Finnish so well that employers don’t notice any difference. Then at the end of the phone conversation when the young person has to give his or her name, the employer starts to cough and the youngster realises that he or she will not get the job because of having a strange name,” says Mohamed Mukhtar Abdi, project manager at the Kanava Nuoriso association, which helps immigrant youth in Helsinki.
The 15-year-old organisation has been running a project called Kunnon kundi (roughly “Decent Guy”) for three years, aimed at helping young immigrant men who are in danger of marginalisation to find appropriate training and jobs.
Labour Minister Anni Sinnemäki is a strong believer in the role of education in employing foreign-born people.
“We are right now trying to find ways for people to get into appropriate training as quickly as possible,” she told YLE.
According to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, there were 16,000 foreign citizens looking for work in March, up by nearly 2,000 from a year earlier.
Sinnemäki says that the best way to help immigrants find jobs — besides helping them learn Finnish — is to improve the overall jobs picture.

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NOTE: If not for the destructive socio-economic policies by the Finnish state which makes it all the more difficult for businesses to start up, succeed and stay in the country, we wouldn’t be having the problem of finding work for foreigners. The unemployment rate hovers around 9-10%, and according to who you ask, the precentage of the unemployed are even greater, having ended their search for work and are permanently living on welfare.
The ho-hum Finnish attitude towards the staggering numbers of the unemployed is the problem here, they have taken it to be the price of having a welfare state, and now some (decreasing in the numbers I might add) want to increase the numbers of the unemployed through self defeating mass immigration. Really stupid.

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