Netherlands Tomfoolery


Thanks to Vlad for the story, this happens to be one of the more weird stories to come out of the Netherlands, thieves breaking into prison to steal stuff. No wonder the authorities can’t defend against prison break-ins, that can’t defend their own borders as well. KGS

Thieves have broken into a Dutch prison to steal the inmates’ televisions.

A number of prisoners from prison Het Keern in Hoorn were victim of a crime.
The thieves targeted a “modestly protected” minimum-security prison twice in the town of Hoorn. The thieves struck when the prisoners were on weekend furloughs, a justice ministry spokesman said. They broke open some cells and stole the prisoners TV screens.
The first burglary was in the weekend of 6 and March 7. The burglars climbed over the fence, forced a window next to an emergency staircase and called for the building. Despite a warning signal allowed the thieves escaped.
During the weekend of April 11th 1910 they did it again. The burglary was only discovered Monday when the prisoners were back in their cells. The guards had not noticed the crime before. Police suspect that the thieves had inside help.
Meanwhile, police have arrested one suspect, who himself is detained at the prison.
The government has been unable to say how the thieves managed to get inside the prison.

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  1. Really this is a Shocking News..police should alert about this…

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