Hamas Islam vs music Sharia


MC Hamas answers back:
We heard your infidel music over at the mall,
that’s why we be pullin da plug on y’all
What were they thinking, rap in Sharia-ville? The humorous side to it is that they actaully believed that they we’re going to be allowed to have a concert for their music, no matter how anti-Semitic. Yeah right, rapping at night followed by flogging in the morning. KGS

Gaza Strip’s First Rap Concert Silenced By Hamas Police

(Gaza) — The Gaza Strip’s first rap concert ended abruptly Saturday night when police from the Islamist group Hamas pulled the plug on the Palestinian hip-hoppers. Witnesses say the police rushed onto the stage and began shouting “the show is over,” determining that some of the dancing on stage was immoral. Hamas officials claim the concert by the b Boy Gaza group was shut down because the show’s organizers had not filed the proper paperwork for a permit.
The Palestinian Center for Human Rights reports six were arrested and that tapes of the performance and cameras at the event were seized. While in the past Hamas leaders have urged Palestinians to live by strict Islamic values, the group denies trying to impose Islamic law in Gaza.

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