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From the comment box: “Let the exhibition go ahead, and to provide balance put on a simultaneous exhibition of the contemporary scientific, medical and technological contributions of the entire Islamic world combined. It will not require any extra space, except perhaps a display on improvements in bomb belt technology.”
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Sickening. This is a classic case of those within the academic loony Left (this time in Scotland) supporting and promoting the dangerous ideas of cultural Marxism and Marxist socio-economic theory. What makes this story so galling is the fact that Marxist academic researcher, Sarah Glynn, at the University of Edinburgh, is one from a list of ten Jewish academics who are calling for the banning of an Israeli exhibition set to take place at the Scottish house of parliament next week, Ban this event.
The woman, a Marxist, believes that the “deliberate suppression of any effective secular Left alternative to the materialism and inequalities of freemarket capitalism” is at more fault for having given rise to radical Islamist extremism, than the Koran itself. For Sarah Glynn, the victory of free market capitalism at the expense of Marxist theory is at fault not traditional Islam.
For Glynn: the neo-liberal “regimes” in response to Islamic jihadism have resorted to:
“social control, through a combination of social conservatism, strong hierarchical organisation and the colonial practice of divide and rule. This must be of concern to anyone hoping for the development of a more progressive opposition to neoliberalism.”
It’s no surprise then that academics who offer up such convoluted thinking are also willing to attack the Jewish state of Israel. It’s always the freemarket Capitalists fault, never the “statists” (read= Marxist Socialists) though they readily admit that in spite of their different aims, their short term agendas dovetail quite nicely as Sarah Glynn admits:
George Galloway and Respect are attempting to unite Muslim groups and socialists into an instant radicalism; 69 but one thing that Islamists and Marxists both agree, is that their respective philosophies are based on different, and mutually incompatible, understandings of ultimate truth.
This does not mean that Marxists and Islamists cannot or should not work together on particular issues when, as is often the case, they share similar immediate aims. But each should remember that their ultimate aims are very different.
For Glynn, Marxist theory also holds the keys to “preventing racial and ethnic conflict“, but then she would be hard pressed to explain the contradictions within Marxist theory that sought to exploit or even invent class warfare in order to promote racial and ethnic conflict between the various groups in order to divide and rule. They, the cultural Marxists, employ the same divide and rule strategy that they blame (falsely) the neo-Liberalists for.
So folks, is it any wonder that such a person so deeply sunk into the World According to Marx, would think that aligning oneself with traditionalist Muslims (read=radical Islam) who are even more totalitarian then themselves, a prudent move, or would also (as a Jew) fight against the world’s only Jewish state, because her socialist ideology, which is responsible for the mass murders of hundreds of millions of people, including her own fellow Jews, …demands it?

The Left is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. KGS

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