Finnish Anti-Semites Richard Järnefelt



He so desperately wants you to believe he’s a friend of the Jews, but can’t help himself from using the same antisemitic argumentation that the Israel haters engage in.

That explains a lot. Not all Iranians are pro-Western and/or have good feelings toward the Jewish state of Israel, most likely that was one of the qualities that endeared her to the Finnish Guinness World Record holder. In the comment section on the blog of the Christians Democrats’ party spokesman, Bjärne Kallis, Richard Järnefelt takes to bashing Israel with his usual zeal:

Järnefelt: Although I do not want to destroy Israel nor Iran, I still think it’s still extremely cowardly, if the U.S. and / or Israel will attack Iran now. There is no evidence of having nuclear arms, and even if so, what then? Why should one have them but not Iran? Who decides it? Iran can have powerful weapons, but only for defense purposes. North Korea, a dictatorship that’s so dark, has avoided American aggression, only because they too have a serious weapons.
Iraq could not avoid it, because of weapons of mass destruction did not exist, and the rest of the weaponry was so-so. If they would have stated weapons of mass destruction would have really been there, probably the U.S. would have failed to take the risk. Is it not interesting? Now, we went there because most weapons of mass destruction, but would not have dared to go, if they had really existed …

I do not want to destroy any of the people, You and a few others you would be willing to allow Israel to destroy other peoples just to survive. A shocking idea. And very narcissistic – what right does Israel considered better or more important than any other?

Response by commentor Dari-anne:

You are biased because of your Iranian wife.

This pretty much sums up this sad-sack of a human being, Järnefelt is the classic example of the “philosemitic anti-Semite”. He hates the Jewish state, demonizes it, smears it, compares its policies to that of the Nazis, but swears upon a stack of Mein Kampfs that he’s philosemitic. 

H/T: Kumitonttu

6 Responses

  1. Järnefelt´s text is clever. Must be very crazy or a “believer” if finding something anti-semitic in it!

    1. Hey Ari, you must be a moron, or a real drone and a moron for not understanding the argumentation. Järnefelt is not clever, not even close, but a boiler plate anti-Israelophobe who dabbles in anti-Semitism, making him incredibly stupid, especially after having been explained in detail exactly where he’s playing with anti-Semitism…and continues on doing so. So yes, he’s an anti-Semite.

  2. Kgs and others.. Your grasp of language is truly amusing. A semite is anyone who claims Semi, son of Noah, as an ancestor. By definition a Christian is a semite. Stop trying to appropriate words for the illegitimate zionist cause.

    1. Hey Mac, I’ll stop appropriating words when you and your, like ilk, stop making stupid comments and refrain from anti-semitism. Your logic is challenged.

      1. Hey listen you little coward If u do not end this then I’m gonna use hate speech against Jews I swear to god I will

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