Finland Muslim Cemetaries


In Finland, there is no separation of church and state, so such a thing can be offered without any fear of public outcry. More than likely a similar deal (but less costly) was done for the tiny Jewish community in Helsinki and in Turku as well, but the facts are, no one has a problem with Finnish Jews who have been loyal Finns ever since they were allowed to move here during Czarist times.

The very same could be said about the Tartar Muslim community that immgrated to Finland pretty much at the same time as the Jewish soldiers and their families did during the late 19th century, no one has anything against these loyal people as well. However, when it comes to modern day mass immigration by Middle East Muslims into Europe, many of whom have no loyality to the state they’re immigrating to, let alone having any intention of intergrating, this comes as a bitter pill.
In a different environment void of the massive problems currently surrounding Islam in particular and Muslim immigration in general, such a venture wouldn’t raise any eyebrows here in Finland. It’s a bitter pill to swallow however, for us Finnish tax payers to fund for a huge cemetary for people belonging to an ideology that currently is trying to undermine many of our democracies. KGS

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A large Muslim cemetery is a being sought

The Ministry of Education to recruit a consultant for EUR 30,000.

Finnish Islamic Council is looking in southern Finland, for a place where Muslims can have a cemetery of their own. The goal is to have a sufficient land area, in which there would be thousands of graves over a long time period.
The Council has asked for an appropriate area from numerous municipalities in southern Finland from 2007 onwards.
According to the Deputy Chairman, Anas Hajjar, of the answers received from only a few of the municipalities, and they have been negative.
Also, the research done by Uusimaa’s union was unsuccessful because cemeteries plots were not allocated to the landscape plan.
“The municipalities decide independently themselves,” county engineer Agneta Nylund says.
The Council has decided to the assistance of a consultant.
The offer in a preliminary round of the bid is estimated at around EUR 30000.
The Council has no money of their own, but the state is coming to their aid. According the HS’s information, the Ministry of Education is to present the sum for the second supplementary budget.
The Ministry of Finance is to comment on supplementary budget proposals next week, after which they will be made publicly available. In the meantime, the Ministry of Education is not admitting nor denying the information.
The Government of Finland undertook in 2007 to participate in the costs for the Islamic cemetery.
Ministry of Education, presented the consultant money as the foundation of the first phase. The total cost is estimated at EUR 1-2 million.
Cemetery fund is to establish a foundation, which represent the state, the Islamic Council and the Muslim religious communities.
Finland has a population of an estimated 45,000 Muslims. The exact number is unknown because not all Muslims are registered as religious communities.

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