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The meme that Muslims in Europe are facing  a continuous wave of discrimination in post WWII Europe, that could be considered to rival that of the treatment meted out to Jews prior to the Holocaust is ridiculous. It’s simply not the case. No better example of the blatant falseness of the claim than to look at the continued stream of Muslim immigration into Europe. Thanks to Fjordman for the link to the article. KGS
15.03.10: In recent years Communists and Islamists in Norway and Europe have tried to establish a grotesque myth, namely that ”the Muslims are Europe’s new Jews.” This is as far from the truth as possible, and the truth is, if possible, even more grotesque than the manipulation itself, namely that the Jews are once again being persecuted and are once again in flight. This time they are being persecuted above all by Muslims. It is for this reason that I devoted a chapter in my last book on the rise in persecution of Jews. It now looks as if segments of the media are waking up. This weekend the state channel, Norwegian broadcasting, paid well-merited attention to the new persecution of Jews in Sweden and Norway.
When the topic is as sensitive and grotesque as the persecution of a people, one should weigh one words with care. Or perhaps bang the drum with intense passion? In any case, I have a deep-seated feeling that if Europe fails the Jews once again – failing to save them, in this case, from the Muslims who are persecuting them – it is an irrefutable sign that Europe is on the way to a final ideological breakdown. Democracy and human rights are becoming a parenthesis in the old continent’s history.

Malmö’s population is 260,000; 60,000 of these are Muslims. The Jews are a tiny minority of 700. Many of them say that they are under increasing persecution, and if this development continues, the city that saved many Jews in flight during World War II will be emptied of Jews. Like Oslo, Malmö had a Gaza demonstration last year, as NRK reports.

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