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This report comes by way of Kumitonttu, concerning the current situation of Finnish Commie immigration rejectionism of Estonian workers in Finnish Lapland. The waaaaycists. KGS

I got to say this was a nice surprise. Constructer Skanska uses Estonian subcontractors in its projects. It is widely known, that there are over 4.000 unemployed Finnish timbermen and other professionals, but Esthonian builders are cheaper EVEN when they implement the Finnish laws and orders. It is also a fact that Lapland suffers most severe for unemployment under the current recession. Lapland is the poorest part of Finland, economically, and both communists and socialists have traditionally been the major political competitors there.
Last year the fine gentleman called Jussi Halla-aho from Helsinki, finally punctured the bubble the political elite had pampered; immigration in generally, and rapidly growing amount of Muslim refugees especially. There is a huge political manhunt against Halla-aho. All parties in the Finnish parliament signed a “letter against racism”, which was designed to shut up everyone criticising the current political ideology.
After Finns woke up and got pissed off, the political elite started assuring people, that most of the immigration is, actually, based of contracts of employment. The main idea was to say that “don’t worry – the immigrants came here to work and generate income and pay taxes”. People didn’t, of course, buy such baloney, but that is the status quo, currently. In other words, immigration is supported by the socialists because it increases well-being among the native Finns and that is basically a widely accepted “truth” among the politicians and media.
What we have now at hand is an interesting paradox. The communist party (namely Vasemmistoliitto aka Alliance for the left) has openly supported immigration on the front lines. A multi-national capitalist constructor brings Estonian workers (all workers – unite!) into a struggling Lapland, where socialism has traditionally been the most popular ideology. Once again, as so many times after the 1991 Soviet Union collapse, it has been proved that socialism just does not work in real life.
The socialists may try to blame the constructor Skanska, which is the most probable scenario, but it doesn’t convince the voters. Or, they have to admit, that there are national socialists inside the Alliance for the left and not only among the True Finns (the party of Jussi Halla-aho). And if they will admit there are national socialists among the Alliance for the left, the term right-wing radicals (äärioikeisto) is proven to be actually the radical left.
NOTE: Crappy google trans of the Finnish article here.

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