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Nice to see that the British NHS is looking out for the patients who need organs, but not so nice for those who had their organs removed without permission. One can only wonder whether these new allegations will spawn a series of articles demonizing the Brits as blood thirsting ghouls. If this took place in Israel, you can only imagine the commotion it would cause internationally. KGS

Bereaved families will be told that organs were removed from their loved ones without consent after a blunder affecting Britain’s donor register.
The records of 800,000 people were affected by an error that meant their wishes about the use of their organs after death were wrongly recorded.
An investigation has found that 45 of those for whom wrong records were stored have since died – and in approximately 20 cases organs were taken where consent had not been given.
Donors can give permission for any of their organs to be taken, or provide more specific agreements. A glitch in the system more than a decade ago removed the distinctions expressed by people.
Many donors have strong views about what can be taken. Often consent is not given for eyes to be removed, while some people who agree to donate organs are uncomfortable with the idea of their body tissue being used in research.
Joyce Robins, from the pressure group Patient Concern said: “This Government has got an absolutely dreadful record when it comes to data, but it is absolutely horrific that such sensitive details were handled in such a careless way.”
The NHS is about to contact approximately 20 families who allowed organs to be taken from their relations after being misinformed about what consent had previously been given.

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