Anusup Lying Bastards Paleostinians


This picture is taken from the gag video Vlad Tepes and the Tundra Tabloids collaborated on the other day. One of VT’s readers noticed the poster in the upper right hand corner: “STOP Starving the Palestinians”. Propaganda, no matter how untruthful and disingenuous it can be, can, and is, effective. So for the sake of the factual record, Vlad offers the following:

“An astute reader of Vlad happened to notice this sign, as he was watching the gag-video Vlad did a few days ago, and was kind enough to send me the following chart from the economist. Here it is below with huge thanks to Proud Kaffir. Check #8 left hand column and #3 on the right hand column.

Now once more with gusto: ANUSUP!

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