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You Tube allows a Dutch rap group video to remain online, while pulling the video by Vlad Tepes that exposes it. That’s the world in which we live. KGS

Pointing out hate speech is now hate speech, while hate speech itself, is not.

By Eeyore | March 29, 2010

Mark Steyn has said it many times and many ways, most notably perhaps in his excellent book, America Alone. Now, pointing out hate speech is the real crime while the actual hate speech being pointed at goes unchallenged, especially if it is from a protected group or dare I say it, if it is against Jewish people, when sufficiently disguised under the totem of criticism of the state of Israel.
Youtube has now suspended access to me to my account because of two videos, both of which merely point out the hate speech of others, and while one one of them is still actually playing on youtube in the original language, and intent.
To be more clear, one of the videos which caused the suspension of access, was a Dutch language Rap video about killing Jews and so on. That video remains on youtube with no issues. However when I subtitled it in English so people could be aware of this, it caused a strike on my account.
I also uploaded a fairly innocuous ‘plug and play’ video which says awful things about Muslims, then it replaces the word ‘Muslim’ with the word ‘unbeliever’ and shows what chapter and verse from the Koran the statement is from. A fairly worthy rhetorical device and one which I think aids perspective.
This video has been up for roughly a week at this point. And today, my youtube access was suspended for two weeks for the crime of hate speech.

Here is warning #1:

So you see, I was specifically cited for hate speech. Below, is the actual video in question.

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  1. I can't understand how this video can be "hate speech". Makes absolutely no sense. If this is the standard, none of Memri's video's could be seen at Youtube.

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