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Norda Lega is gaining ground in Italy, which means more emphasis on limited immigration and a no nonsnse policy towards Islamization. KGS 

H/T Esther from Islam in Europe

Italy: Northern League doubles support

The Northern League, an anti immigration party, which has now become pivotal in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s ruling coalition, has seen it’s support more than double in the last five years.
Led by firebrand Umberto Bossi, who once called for the Italian navy to shell boats carrying illegal immigrants towards the country, his victory mirrors those recently by far right parties in Hungary, Holland and France.
In the last regional elections held in 2005 the League secured just 5.7 per cent of the vote but in subsequent polls they have seen their popularity grow and this time it was 12.7 per cent.
James Walston, a political commentator at the American University of Rome, said: “The League has done very well and they will be flexing their muscles for the remaining three years of government.
“They will push for further devolution and immigration and race will also be on top of their agenda and these two are issues which are of concern to many Italians.
“The League is very well organised and they have succeeded in taking a lot of the working class vote from the Communists and Democratic Left and they also appear to have taken votes from Berlusconi’s own party.”

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