Arab League Dhimmitude Muammar Gaddafi Silvio Berlusconi


The Arab League convened in Libya, and to the Tundra Tabloids’ utter amazement and displeasure, the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi kisses the hand of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. I wish it weren’t so, but that’s what he did. Keep the ol’ barf bucket near by while watching. KGS

A truly disgusting spectacle.

NOTE: Interestingly enough, the hand kissing was done exactly at the time this was being uttered:

“The establishment and recognition of a Palestinian state is the goal of the current effort to resume peace negotiations between Israel……”

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  1. It's not like Mo Khadaffi is a good guy or anything. He certainly isn't. What you need to know is that the Italians and Libyans have some rather "bad history" with one another. The Italians weren't exactly "kind and gentle" colonists.

    Since WWII, there's a certain sense of guilt in Italy where Libya was concerned. That's why the Italians all too often cut Khadaffi too much slack.

    It sucks! But that's the way it is and has been for a long time regardless of which party rules Italy.

  2. Wish he hadn't done that. Q laughs at the foolish infidels. Q said Europe would be conquered through the womb of the Muslim women and I think it's an accurate prediction.

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